But ummmm “HER EMAILS”

One of the HUGE things that got all the trump supporters panties in a wad was democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private server for government work.

The trump supporters were so furious they were demanding for Hillary to be “locked up and throw away the key.”

So after all that panty rustling, which caused a huge gash into Hillary’s campaign and was all over the news everywhere you went…

… wait for it….

eye roll drumroll please…

Now, the Trump administration is being called out on doing the same damn thing!


Read all the wtf-ness for yourself, here. 

And a little more here.

VICE Founder Does AMA on Reddit + Arrested Journalists From DC Riots

For those of you who don’t know, AMA= Ask me anything.

Reddit is a forum and really a unique website. On the iAMA subreddit, a journalists answers the tough questions like, Why is fake news everywhere? As well as sharing some interesting stories of his life on the job.

This Journalist, Tim Pool, who is doing the AMA was part of the recent group of journalists arrested in DC, for info on that story it’s right here.

Check out the conversation or join in here.

Wecipe Wednesday – Bacon

Bean with Bacon 🥓 Soup

– lots of dried beans, soak in fridge overnight, rinse soak on counter 2 hours

– beans, beef stock, 1 can Campbell’s French onion soup into crock pot

– added my favorite spices (beau monde seasoning, cavendar’s greek seasoning, the spice hunter chef’s sake blend)

– cooked 1 package of Smithfield thick cut bacon, cut open package, cut bacon into pieces, fry on stove, remove grease half way through cooking, add some maple syrup and course ground black pepper, then let rest and add to soup

– stir soup in crock pot, add two bay leaves 🍃

– hours later, yummy soup.


So… Trump did something good…?


Here is the story….

USA Today Explains

And here is some of the breaking aftermath…

Asian Countries Not So Happy

What is the trans pacific partnership?

How does it affect us?

From my understanding, this is actually a good move because this would lead to far fewer jobs being outsourced. However, it would leave the door open for china 🇨🇳 to possibly take over the international trade sport, err sector.

But meh, should we really be controlling another country? Chinese workers are over-worked and under paid and build our iPhones 📱 and then commit suicide. I don’t think I want to outsource to a place like that.

Hillary and Obama were all for this deal, so … I guess off to research more on this new and confusing topic I go…

Success in Realism -2017 Resolution

For me being successful has come in the way of accepting my flaws. Until the world is perfect for me, I don’t have to be perfect for it.

I am realizing my own limitations and accepting myself for who I really am. I am okay at Math, terrible at Physics, good at psychology and writing. And great at taking care of those around me while keeping healthy boundaries.

I love make-up. I wear it for myself. I don’t wear it for anyone else. If I don’t feel like wearing make-up, I don’t. I like to flow with the wind and go my own way.

I also love health and fitness. Even though my health recently took a turn for the worse. I can still do my best to eat healthy and even fit back into those size 29 miss me jeans 👖  that have been living in my closet until I can find a way back into them.

I will accept my failures, embrace my flaws and move forward in life. Never to be discouraged and always staying true to who I am

Only when I accept failure and defeat, can I move on to enjoy success and true happiness, whichever way life throws it at me.



via Daily Prompt: Successful