We all encounter that one special personality type…

And I seem to attract it. While my friends are repelling it. I need to learn these survival techniques. Good friends are hard to find, but when you do, hold on for dear life.

Some field notes on friendship making:

Good Friends: Support you, help you just like you help them, are mostly positive, treat you and others around them with respect.

Bad Friends: It’s all about ME ME ME!, only want to talk about their own problems, put you down, put everyone around them down, use your words against you, act like children when they are in grown ass bodies.


How can I better spot these negative people and why do I seem to hold onto them longer than my friends do? A question for the ages.

Gestalt Psychology

There is no equivalent for the word, “Gestalt” in English that fits better than it’s German equivalent. Gestalt is commonly translated as, “form” or “shape”.

Gestalt Psychology is the study of psychological perception of the whole event, situation, person, problem etc.

Perception is how we view the world through our own eyes. Our perception may change as we grow older. For example our world view will change after a traumatic event. Also, important to note that not everyone will percieve the same event in the same way.

I’m a psychologist in guerilla training… My life is a beautifully chaotic mess, I think I shall start writing about it.



My life

The White House Cleans House

This blog post was really interesting to me. It appears that the White House has done a lot of House cleaning as of late. And the timing of it and other shady moves by the Trump administration i.e. Trump has already signed up for the 2020 election so he can start getting donations right now.


It shows what is going on in the White House. And why maybe we should all pay a little more attention to the details of it.




Photo by: Emily Roslin V Praze

Hours After Trump Ban, Houston Mosque Goes Up In Flames

Today at 2 am a mosque in Houston, TX has gone up in flames.

This is very tragic, I don’t agree with Trumps order to ban all muslims from entering the country, however I’m not going to go burn down trumps towers or hotels ect either.

Just because our president is… hmmmm…. what’s the right word… a bit racist to say the least… doesn’t mean everyone else who is racist should start becoming violent.

🙏🏼Luckily no one was hurt in the fire 🔥.

A nice blogger at thinkprogress.org explains the details here.

Habits = Automatic

If only all my good habits were automatic. Unfortunately, I have some bad habits that are really lingering. I was working full time, on my feet all day. I got plenty of exercise working with children with behavioral disorders. Now, I have quit my job and find myself leading a very sedentary lifestyle.

Like a desire to be lazy. I am a student and that means the only activity I get is the activity I seek out and pursue myself. It’s harder than I thought it would be to get out there and make myself the best me I can be.

My goals in life are to make positive changes in my habits. I mean habits are automatic, that’s what makes them habits right?

So how to change my habits. Motivational phrases like the picture above have always helped me. I desire to become someone someday, with a career that helps others. My first step in doing so is creating some good habits/routines to get into.

I want to make myself automatically the best person I can be.




I really must share my Love for Mary Tyler Moore with an in Memory Post

When I was younger, I would stay up pretty late watching Nick at night. Is that still around? Anywho, I watched I love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the Mary Tyler Moore show every night. I watched every episode from all three of those shows.

Mary Tyler Moore’s 33 year Love Story 

On the Death of her Son

And being one hell of a girlfriend. Totally wish I could have met her. RIP, to a beautifully talented woman, survivor and icon.