Who I am

Hi! My name is what? My name is Who? I am a millenial diplomat for the tech savvy generation that were born before mainstream computer technology, and now can’t stop obsessing over wi-fi and the holy rosary of life, the internet.

After working a bunch of … different/crappy/fun jobs, I find myself doing what a lot of millenials are doing. Going back to school and living on a relative’s couch.

By relative I mean my husband, and by couch I mean temper-pedic. It’s pretty sweet the bed adjusts into a couch during the day, much like a futon, but I digress…

I Started this blog as a way to “Bring healthy and easy recipes to the world!” Barf to that craft. Too boring, and like I stated somewhere else I don’t remember where, the world doesn’t need another food blogger. Or does it? ….. Exactly.

So enjoy me rambling about people who annoy me and people who I just really like and adore.

I would change peoples names or something but who gives a shit no one is gonna read this anyway.


Enjoy your stay and please press #9, for room service.