Habits = Automatic

If only all my good habits were automatic. Unfortunately, I have some bad habits that are really lingering. I was working full time, on my feet all day. I got plenty of exercise working with children with behavioral disorders. Now, I have quit my job and find myself leading a very sedentary lifestyle.

Like a desire to be lazy. I am a student and that means the only activity I get is the activity I seek out and pursue myself. It’s harder than I thought it would be to get out there and make myself the best me I can be.

My goals in life are to make positive changes in my habits. I mean habits are automatic, that’s what makes them habits right?

So how to change my habits. Motivational phrases like the picture above have always helped me. I desire to become someone someday, with a career that helps others. My first step in doing so is creating some good habits/routines to get into.

I want to make myself automatically the best person I can be.




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