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Hello Everyone and Welcome 🙂 My name is Nicole and I love ❤️ to cook and hang out in my kitchen. I have several recipes and a few kitchen ideas to share and I figured a blog would be an awesome way to share my ideas with others. I enjoy exploring cuisines inside as well as outside of the United States. I am happy to have a place to write about and share my unique passion for food with others.

This is not your average cooking and kitchen blog. These are the types of posts you can expect on my blog :

🔨Mostly simple kitchen DIY decorating ideas

🌍Informative posts about cuisines from around the world, Including the United States

🥄Recipes that don’t have strict measurements. This is the creative function of cooking, being able to control and really make each dish your own. (Feel free to leave your own measurements/thoughts in the comment section, I love reading others ideas)

💵Budget friendly recipes

🍽ideas on how to save when you go grocery shopping and live frugally

🥒Healthy made from scratch recipes

💻Brief blog posts that focus on food, recipes, ideas and food culture. Simple, clean, easy to read. No need to fluff the blog full of meaningless words just to make it “look long and thought out”

🥂Quality over quantity is what my blog is all about🥂

Add Color: Side Salad

When I cook for my family or friends, A part of me is usually thinking about presentation. I try to have a balanced and colorful dish. For example a side salad is my favorite go to side. Side salads are versatile and customizable. They also add color to a dish that may be lacking in the colorful department.

Its so easy and simple:

Chopped romaine and Spinach Lettuce is my favorite lettuce mix. I also enjoy sweet baby reds and butter lettuce. I don’t care for spring mix the taste is too bold and lettuce-y tasting for me.

Sliced cucumber 🥒 Sliced tomatoes 🍅 Sliced carrots 🥕

Nuts And Seeds (Chia Seeds (aid in digestion), Flaxseed, 🌻)

Hard Boiled Egg, Bacon Bits

Crunchy topping such as crispy fried onions, tortilla strips or croutons

Homemade Dressing, which I have not mastered yet or store bought dressing

Add Some Heat- Pepper and Chilies Guide

There are several different types of peppers. They range from mildly sweet to hot and deadly. They come from all over the world, let’s just list the basics for simplicity:

Black: Easy way to add flavor to a dish. Often paired on the table with salt. Salt and black pepper is a great place to start when cooking.

Banana: Mildly spicy and a bit sweet. These go well on pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Jalapeño: A mild to medium hot pepper with a spicy kick. Goes great in salsa, sweet jalapeño relish or in jalapeño jelly.

Bell: Come in a variety of sizes and colors, usually green, red, orange or yellow. All  offer a mild pepper taste. A common ingredient in some pasta sauces, salsa, stir fry or served as stuffed peppers.

Habanero: Small round pepper that is greenish or red. These are very hot! Read more about the health benefits of Habanero peppers in this article by the website LiveStrong.

Thai Red: Small long chilis with a sweet and hot flavor. Used in Thai curries, soups and stir fried dishes.

Diced Green Chilis: These come in a small can usually in the Latin foods section. These are a staple in my pantry. I use them for tacos, cheese dips, chili, and green chili corn bread.

Dried/ground Seasonings that add heat:

Paprika: Light heat a distinctive taste that is of course famous for deviled eggs.

Smoked Paprika: A light heat with a distinct smoky aroma.

Cayenne: Notable medium to high heat depending on how much you use.

Crushed red Pepper flakes: Delicious. Sprinkle in a pasta sauce, chili or anything you want to add a little kick to.



This blog will be random. It will be completely subjective and full of numerous little grammatical and/or spelling errors, Auto correct anyone?

I really find my opinions to be quite harsh and sometimes irrational. So expect a lot of that.

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